Handicapped Encounter Christ is a spiritual retreat and social organization for Christian adults. We enrich the spiritual and social lives of all who participate, while also meeting the specific needs of adults with physical disabilities.

Spring Retreat 2008 Complete!

The Spring Retreat for 2008 has come and gone. As many as forty-five or more participants gathered at the Short Journey Center in Smithfield.

We prayed, studied and worshiped together as we contemplated the story of the Road to Emmaus from Luke's gospel. Oh, yeah, and we danced and cheered and had lots of fun as well.

Keep your eyes open HEC Retreat #52 this Fall.

Road to Emmaus: A New Beginning -- Spring 2008

Apr 4 2008 - 5:00pm
Apr 6 2008 - 1:00pm
Road to Emmaus:  A New Beginning

Two disciples, on a journey -- trying to escape persecution, short on hope -- encounter Jesus just after the resurrection (Luke 24:13-35). Jesus opens the scriptures for them and reveals himself, and they are changed. The eagerly return to the apostles to give their witness, regardless of the danger they face.

We are disciples on a faith journey, and we too encounter Jesus Christ in one another. Ultimately, we are changed from people filled with fear and hopelessness, to people filled with faith. Come share your faith journey with us, on the Road to Emmaus: A New Beginning.

Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapping Table

We have been invited by Barnes and Noble of Cary to staff their gift wrapping table on December 22-23 from 9 AM - 11 PM both days. This is a fund raiser and community awareness opportunity for HEC. We need your help to fulfill our obligation to them and make this event a success.

They have recommended that we staff the gift wrapping table on both days with 2 - 3 people for 2 hour shifts. If you are available, you can staff more than one time slot on either day (or both days, too).

HEC Retreat #50 -- Fall 2007

Join us for a fun-filled, spiritually-uplifting weekend. Meet new people, draw closer to God, and connect with a loving and supportive community. HEC enriches the spiritual and social life of ALL who participate, while also meeting the specific needs of adults with physical disabilities. HEC is always seeking new participants! We hope you will join in the fun!

What’s on the agenda?
• Fabulous company
• Great food
• Dancing
• Talks
• Group discussions
• Art project & Music Concert
• The Rosary (optional)
• Skits
• Mass
• Passing of the Gourd

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